Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

beetroot tofu pasta

Hi! I´m back from 2 months in India, back in my kitchen, back with a veg box full of winter veggies…
Moving closer to being vegan, messing with Ayurveda again, for more energy…
Anyway, this is what I made yesterday with leftover pasta and beetroot, pre-baked in tinfoil.

1 tbsp oil
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
half a pack tofu, cubed
a handful of sunflower seeds
orange zest of 1 orange
orange juice (about 200 ml)
pre-roasted or -cooked beetroot chunks (amount variable, I used a lot)
pasta (about 200g uncooked wholegrain)

fry onion in oil, add garlic and tofu, brown well, add seeds, toast, add zest and juice, bring to boil, toss in beets and pasta. stir well. for better colour contrast, remove tofu from pan after frying, keep warm and add just before serving.

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