Montag, 23. März 2009

Swede Palya

In Karnataka, a dry vegetable curry, mostly sparingly spiced and finished off with coconut shavings, is called a palya. This is a very very British take on it. We found it gives a really lovely taste to the swedes, taking away the rooty-cabbagy edge.

1 small swede and a few carrots – or use one medium swede, or just carrots
a medium onion
some fresh ginger
one fresh green chilli
1 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp demerara sugar
3 tbsp desiccated coconut
some mild garam masala

Chop the swede and carrots into fine strips. Finely chop the onion and ginger. Roughly chop the chilli. Heat the oil in a pan or wok. Roast the cumin for a few minutes. Add onion, ginger and chilli and saute. Add the vegetables. Sprinkle salt and sugar over. Try to fry for as long as possible without any additional liquid. If you find the carrots to stay too crunchy, add about a cup of water, cover and cook till soft. Add the coconut with the water. Season with garam masala. Serve with yoghurt, rice or couscous.

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